Monday, April 26, 2010

Drawing on paper

I like to draw with watercolor on paper now. I´m afraid to draw on white paper at first, because white of paper is to much clean. If i start to work, the paper is stained, then i feel easy.

Ich mag momentan mit Wasserfarbe auf Papier zu zeichnen. Ich habe angst, wenn ich am Anfang auf dem frischen Papier eine Strich mache, weil das weiße Papier zu sauber ist. Aber wenn ich starte zu zeichnen, wird das schmutzig, dann bin ich erleichtert weiter zu arbeiten.

cactus with mould

Plants grew never up in my old room in Fadinger street. It was just sad. I painted a cactus with mould. It looked like a dried chicken. A work of 2008.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Heartbeat of the death, cat 2010

This sculpture of those Pictures was not yet finisch. Now it is finish and it is at bluecoatgallery now in Liverpool. I forgot to take picture of it... i wait it to get.
I made it for my cat in Japan. My father found her on a street. She was baby and was with 4 other babys but they was already died. Mother of her was over there,too. But she was also already died. The only lived baby cat sucked on one´s died mother´s breast. My father took her home.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Schwarzwald 2, (Blackforest 2) 2010


Heartbeat of the death 2,3 2009

Heartbeat of the death 1

Courtesy, photograph by Rudolf Sagmeister

My first sculpture.
Ich interessiere mich für Reliquien in den europäische Kirchen und den Knochen in den Katakomben. Die eigenartige, vor allem für den Katholizismus spezifische Tradition der Reliquien, und die zahllosen Knochen in den Katakomben des Stephansdom unter Erde des wiener Stadtzentrums waren für mich sehr eindrucksvoll. Den Körper der Toten zu bewahren und zu verehren finde ich erstaunlich.
Der urmenschmäßige Knochenmann, den ich gemacht habe, sitzt mit der Buddha-Haltung.

wall painting in Bluma, Linz

This wall paint was a project of fashion shop Bluma in Linz.
It is my first wall painting. It was very difficult, because the shop wanted to have anything beautiful and springness on the wall. I wanted to paint anything like St. Sebastian with blood.
They didn´t like blood, so i painted big plants and made collage of flower with Shitake-mushroom.

Porträts 2008

Ich hatte damals Lust, etwas andere Dinge zu machen. Porträts zu zeichnen mag ich sehr gern.
I tried to draw something other theme.

"Vater" 2008

Watercolor and japanese ink on papers

"Lupin" 2008

It´s just for my first cat in Tokyo. Love you.
Das ist einfach für meine erste Katze in Tokio. Ich liebe dich.

"my pet" Serie 2007

In her works, the artist refers to the relationship of Japanese society with its pets. There are for instance more and more new breeds of dogs, which have only the size of toy animals. At the same time, Tamagochi and the robot dog Aibo originated from Japan. Both are articial creatures, which have to be raised, fed and dressed virtually. The borderline between real and virtual life gets blurred, the contact with these virtual beings and the actual pets becomes equally abstract and both phenomena resemble each other. Considering the self-conception of this “Tamagochi-generation”, Maeda with her naturalistic representations of hybrids takes these mutations to an extreme. Monkeys receive butterfly wings, little lambs with peacock feather tails gather in living rooms and panthers grow out of cactus pots.